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The Town of Espanola Public Works Department will be flushing watermains today in the vicinity of:

  • Appleford Ave.
  • Hunter Ave.
  • Avery Dr. from Second Ave. to Spruce St.
  • Hwy 6 from Second Ave. to Gray St.
  • Read Ave.
  • Thornloe Ave.
  • Fleming St.
  • Spruce St. from Wilson St. to Park St.
  • Park St.
  • Spanish River Dr.
  • Spruce St. from Park St. to Sheppard St.
  • Mead Blvd. from Spruce St. to Station Rd.
  • Barber St. from Spanish River Dr. to Station Rd.
  • Tudhope St. from Spanish River Dr. to Domtar
  • Sheppard St.

Please check your water for any discolouration before use.  Run your water until the condition clears.


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