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Strategic Plan

In early 2012, the Town of Espanola embarked on a community-based strategic planning process to chart a vision, employ goals and measurable initiatives to guide our course of governance into the next elected term of Council.

This strategic planning process began by revisiting the strategic plan adopted by Council in 2004. Priority issues and strategies of the 2004 plan were reviewed, measured and some were carried forward into the new planning process.

Michalak & Associates facilitated consultations with Council, management and staff to create a culture of service excellence and prepare the operational foundation for the strategic planning process.

The community was invited to provide input into this Town-led initiative; over 550 people participated through Oracle Poll interviews, phone and online surveys, and community consultation meetings facilitated by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The purpose of the community-based strategic plan is to set the direction for municipal policy and decision making which affect local socio-economic conditions, quality of life and place.

Based upon community input, the Strategic Plan consists of a number of initiatives or action items grouped into four priorities; environmental, economic and social sustainability and excellence in governance. Action in these four areas will enable the Town to realize its vision of the future. It is important to note that the priorities defined through the community consultations took place before the Town received notice of the Domtar reassessment. The financial crisis and organizational restructuring resulting from the reassessment will have an impact on the realization and timeline of many of our action items set out in this strategic plan. Meeting the objectives of the plan will require the balancing of community goals and resources.

Realization and timelines of these Economic priorities and objectives will be determined by available resources.

We thank all those who have invested in the community by taking the time and care to participate in the consultation process.


A safe, healthy community in which to live, work and thrive.

Mission Statement

The Corporation of the Town of Espanola is committed to serving the needs of our community by supporting the positive, well-balanced, economic and physical growth of the Town. We will continue to pursue excellence by providing accountable and affordable services while promoting the highest quality of life.


Working together:

  • We make ethical decisions
  • We stand accountable
  • We are open and accessible
  • We are innovative
  • We value inclusion

Strategic Goals

Improve and Maintain our Infrastructure
Sustainable Economic Growth & Prosperity
Excellence in Government
Safe and Healthy Community

Download the Complete Espanola Strategic Plan 2013 (pdf)