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At the Town of Espanola, we are committed to providing our
fellow citizens with a wide-range of services that contribute
to the high quality of life that Espanola provides.  

Our Vision

A safe, healthy community in which to live, work and thrive.

Our Mission Statement

The Corporation of the Town of Espanola is committed to serving the needs of our community by supporting the positive, well-balanced, economic and physical growth of the Town.  We will continue to pursue excellence by providing accountable and affordable services while promoting the highest quality of life.

Our Values

Working together:

  • We make ethical decisions
  • We stand accountable
  • We are open and accessible
  • We are innovative
  • We value inclusion

Our Strategic Goals

  • Improve and Maintain our Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Economic Growth & Prosperity
  • Excellence in Government
  • Safe and Healthy Community