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Provincial Offences

The Town of Espanola Provincial Offences Office handles fine payments, trial scheduling, filing court requests and general inquiries related to offences.

Provincial Offences Act

COVID-19 and the POA Courts

COVID-19 Notice to Counsel, Paralegals and the Public Regarding POA Matters

Ontario Court of Justice COVID-19 Update 

The Administration office and courtroom are located on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Building

Contact Us

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Closed Noon to 1pm

Provincial Offences Court Office
100 Tudhope Street, Suite 4
Espanola, ON P5E 1S6 
P 705.862.7875

Manager of Court Services: Christine Desjardins


***Please note that court staff cannot provide legal advice.***


To speed up the administrative process, Court Services has made some forms available online. Please print out the form you require, fill it out and forward to our office for processing.

  1. If you wish to schedule a trial, but lost your copy of the certificate of offence  fill out Form POA831
  2. Extension of Time to Pay Fine Forms:
    1. Motion for Extension of Time to Pay Fine (for multiple offences)
    2. Motion for Extension of Time to Pay Fine
    3. Payment Plan for Extensions
  3. Reopening: Forms  POA0801 (Fillable) and POA0819 (Fillable) Record of Reopening Application 
  4. In order to ask for an adjournment of your trial you must complete the Notice of Motion and Affidavit.  The original must filed in our office 3 clear days prior to the court date:

General Form for Affidavit
Notice of Motion
Change of Address Form

GUIDE for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases
GUIDE to self-represented parties for Appeals in Provincial Offences Cases
Cour de justice de l'Ontario-Guide pour les défendeurs dans les causes liées aux infractions provinciales