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Residents, Visitors, Friends and Family,

The Mayor and Council extends its sincere gratitude for the opportunity to help shape and lead this wonderful community that we all call home. Espanola is a very welcoming community and whether you were born and raised here, new to Town, or you are just passing through, you all play a part in making this community a great place to live, to do business and to visit.

We find ourselves at an important moment in the Town’s history, a moment that requires a careful balance between addressing our aging infrastructure while welcoming new opportunities for development to grow our Town. As housing needs continue to increase for people from all walks of life, so too does the need to ensure our Town has modern services and amenities to meet the needs of today’s society.

As Council seeks to address some of these important challenges over this four-year term, we are committed to doing so with integrity and transparency. This community is made up of youth, seniors and everything in between and in order to best serve the needs of all, we must engage in strategic and open discussions about what the Town’s future looks like, and how this can be balanced with strong fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Espanola has tremendous opportunity and thrives as a service hub that the entire region benefits from. Our strong community culture of volunteerism and hard work that is exemplified by our local service clubs, businesses and volunteers is number one in our minds and it is from these roots that our community has grown and can continue to be the great place that it is for decades to come.    

We want to hear from you! We encourage you to share your ideas and your perspectives. By putting our heads together, we will overcome any challenge that we are faced with.


Mayor Douglas Gervais