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Council Rundown

November 14, 2023

The November 14, 2023 Regular Meeting of Council consisted of a Public Hearing and decision regarding a 40-unit retirement home, a decision on the waiver of water consumption fees for Boogie Mountain snow making, approval to go ahead with a partially grant funded audit of municipal facilities for reducing greenhouse gas production, a decision regarding a regional transportation system for seniors and a declaration regarding an intimate partner violence epidemic.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment Z06/23

Council approved a Zoning Bylaw Amendment to rezone the property known as 375 Queensway Avenue to permit a 40-guest room retirement home with 30 parking spaces to occupy what is considered the front yard. A concept drawing is available in the agenda package.  

Recommendation regarding Boogie Mountain Water Request

Council approved a motion to maintain standard water rates for the water service at Boogie Mountain that is dedicated to snow-making despite Boogie Mountain’s request to waive the water fees for this service for five years. As part of the discussion, it was mentioned that Boogie Mountain may wish to seek support from the municipality in other ways as water fees is not something the municipality is willing to consider waiving.  

Recommendation regarding GHG Reduction Pathway Feasibility Study

Council approved that staff proceed with the Roadmap to Net-Zero Project which has the purpose of auditing municipal facilities with a focus on reducing reliance on non-renewable natural resources that contribute to green house gas emissions. The cost of the audit is approximately $192,803 of which $154,240 is accounted for through a grant and $38,560 is to be covered by the municipality.

Recommendation regarding Regional Transportation System for Seniors

Council approved a capital investment of $38,890 and an estimated annual operating cost of $23,633.38 for a new specialized transit van in partnership with the Townships of Sables-Spanish Rivers, Baldwin and Nairn and Hyman, that will provide transportation for seniors to medical appointments in Sudbury three times per week and transportation into Espanola from the Townships on two days per week. The vehicle is expected to arrive by next summer.

Member Motion regarding Intimate Partner Violence

Council approved a member motion put forward by Councillor Duplessis to support a County of Prince Edward resolution declaring intimate partner violence to be an epidemic.

Mayor and Councillor Announcements

Councillor Kallioinen expressed his enthusiasm regarding the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #39 on November 11th.

Mayor Gervais echoed Councillor Kallioinen’s comments regarding the Remembrance Day ceremony.

Secondly, the Mayor expressed his appreciation for the deliberations during the evening's Council meeting and the importance of professionally engaging in discussions on the issues of the day.

The Council Rundown provides a summary of each Council Meeting. The official record of each meeting is the Meeting Minutes and can be found in the Council Meetings section of the website. Video recordings of meetings are similarly available in the same section. Any questions regarding Council Meetings can be directed to Joseph Burke, Town Clerk at [email protected] or by calling 705-869-1540.


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