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Council Rundown

October 27, 2023

The October 27, 2023 Regular Meeting of Council was a brief meeting consisting of two primary items.  

Recommendation regarding Connecting Link Funding Application

Council supported the various criteria required of the municipality to submit its next application for Connecting Link funding. This funding is for the Centre Street road resurfacing. If successful this next round will be to complete the section of Centre Street from Station Road to Tudhope Street.

Recommendation regarding Boogie Mountain Water Request

Council deferred a motion regarding a request from Boogie Mountain for free water for five years for snow making purposes. Staff presented various options, but refinement of the rates and estimates along with a legal opinion is necessary before Council can make a decision. Staff’s recommendation to date is not to waive water fees.

Mayor and Councillor Announcements

Deputy Mayor Kelly expressed her enthusiasm for the Black Creek Trail which she took advantage of recently. Kelly expressed her appreciation to the volunteers who have put in so much work to make this a great and accessible trail for the public. Kelly reported that there are plans for an expansion.

Councillor Kallioinen wished all a happy Halloween and expressed that there would be certainly a number of activities happening across the community. Kallioinen also stated that October 24th marked 1 year since the election of Council and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and thanked the community for allowing him to pursue this journey at this time in his life in service of the people of Espanola.

Councillor Massicotte acknowledged the Elks for an Elimination Draw Supper. Massicotte stated that it was a very well organized event and hopes to see more in the future.

Mayor Gervais also expressed his enthusiasm for the sell out event at the Elks and expressed that the Elks is a club that the community needs and hopes it will continue to see this level of support.

The Council Rundown provides a summary of each Council Meeting. The official record of each meeting is the Meeting Minutes and can be found in the Council Meetings section of the website. Video recordings of meetings are similarly available in the same section. Any questions regarding Council Meetings can be directed to Joseph Burke, Town Clerk at [email protected] or by calling 705-869-1540.


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