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PAP water and wastewater form

Town of Espanola
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

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How to enroll:

1. Complete and sign the form.
2. Enclose a VOID cheque (Line of credit cheque will not be accepted).
3. Mail, fax, email or drop off to the number/address below


I/we authorize the Town of Espanola to process a debit from our account indicated in the amount that has been agreed upon. This authority is to remain in effect until the Town of Espanola has received written notification from me/we of a change or termination.

Water and Sewer payments will be withdrawn on the 15th of each month. An administrative fee will be applied to your account for payments not cleared by your financial institution and penalty charges will apply. Failure to abide by the terms of the plan may result in cancellation of enrollment.

Contact information

Phone: 705-869-1540
Fax: 705-869-0083

By Mail or in person: 
Town of Espanola
100 Tudhope Street, Ste 2
Espanola, ON P5E 1S6

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