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Council Rundown

April 9th , April 18th & 23rd

The Regular Meeting of Council of April 9th featured the approval of a zoning bylaw amendment as well as the approval of the 2024 Municipal Budget. The Regular Meeting of Council of April 24th featured various government advocacy items. There were also Special Meetings of Council on April 9th, and April 18th to deliberate on a zoning bylaw amendment to rezone a Town owned property for multi-residential development, and other matters in closed session pursuant to the Municipal Act.

2024 Municipal Budget

On April 9th, both the 2024 Municipal Operating and Capital Budget and the Water and Sewer Budget were approved by Council. Highlights of the budget presentation that took place over the weeks of March 18th and 25th can be viewed at the following link by clicking the following, 2024 Municipal Budget.  This year’s municipal budget represents a 6.23% increase year over year with major investments in our people and our infrastructure, keeping pace with inflation and maintaining standards of service expected by our community. This increase represents a 5.92% property tax increase due to assessment growth in 2023, ultimately resulting in an increase in property taxes for the average single-detached household (Average Assessment Value: $160,608) of $149 for 2024 over 2023.  In addition, the Town’s Water and Sewer budget requires user fees to be increased by $10.19  in 2024 and again by the same amount in 2025 due to increased costs and capital requirements at our water and sewer plants operated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency. These increases are required to maintain our water and sewer assets and operations as user fees must cover the costs of operations and capital for the water and sewer systems pursuant to provincial legislation. Standards and requirements for water and sewer operations and assets are regulated by the Province.   

Zoning Bylaw Amendment Z01/24

The April 9th Council Meeting also included a public hearing and decision regarding an application to rezone a property on Second Avenue to permit the construction of a 6 1-bedroom unit apartment building with site specific relief. The application was approved and building is expected to commence this year.

Full-time Cleaner Position

A proposal to re-instate a full-time Cleaner Position at the Recreation Complex to cover both the Library and Recreation Complex was approved. The report highlighted that the increased use of the Recreation Complex has resulted in greater demand for cleaning. In addition, due to the age of the building, there are increased preventative maintenance tasks that need to be the focus of the Facility Attendants who currently do the cleaning for the facility. The position is expected to free up time for critical preventative maintenance work and increase the standard of cleanliness at the facility. While the cost of the position is to be covered by both the Library and the Community and Recreation Department, increased revenue from user fees and more effective scheduling will help to offset this expense.

Appointment of New Treasurer

The bylaw confirming the appointment of Julie Bouthillette as the Town’s new Treasurer was passed at the Regular Meeting of Council on April 23rd. The media release regarding this can be found at

Advocacy Motions

There were two advocacy motions passed on April 23rd to proclaim May 12th to 18th as Victim and Survivors of Crime Week and to recognize Community Living Month as May 2024.

Member Motions

Council approved a motion moved by Councillor Kallioinen on April 23rd regarding the need for a review of municipal responsibilities under the Provincial Offences Act. The motion cited the cost of delivering Provincial Offences Act court services for municipalities and the lack of revenue that was originally expected when this responsibility was downloaded to municipalities by the Province in the early 2000s. 

The Council Rundown provides a summary of each Council Meeting. The official record of each meeting is the Meeting Minutes and can be found in the Council Meetings section of the website. Video recordings of meetings are similarly available in the same section. Any questions regarding Council Meetings can be directed to Joseph Burke, CAO/Clerk at [email protected] or by calling 705-869-1540.


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