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Tuesday August 3rd @ 8:00am - opens Friday August 6th @ 8:00am 

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Battery Recycling

The Town of Espanola will no longer be a disposal location for single-use or rechargeable batteries weighing 5kg or less.  New Provincial regulations have moved to an Individual Producer Responsibility System, which makes producers accountable for the recycling of their products once consumers are finished with them.  Current battery disposal locations in Espanola include Home Hardware and Canadian Tire.  There are disposal boxes/bins at the customer service desk/entrances to these local businesses.

Examples of single-use and rechargeable batteries include button cells, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, lantern batteries, sealed lead acid batteries and replacement batteries for products such as drills, cell phone, laptop, etc. that weigh 5kg or less.  

These types of batteries will no longer be accepted at future Household Hazardous Waste Day events due to this service being offered locally during regular business hours and at no cost.  Only batteries weighing more than 5kg will be accepted at future hazardous household waste day events.

Please contact the Public Works Dept. at (705)869-1751 with any questions related to this matter.


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