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The Town of Espanola and OCWA will undertake the Water Main Swabbing Program on Monday September 18th.  Hours of swabbing will be from 8:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.


The following streets will be swabbed/affected on Monday Sept. 18:

  • Syroid St., Ricci Dr., Duplessis Rd., Buzdygan St. & Polojko St.
  • James St. from Avery Dr. to Barrie St.
  • Secord St. East of Center St./Hwy 6
  • 400, 417, 425, 435, 456, 481, 502, 516 Center St./Hwy 6
  • 521 Barrie St.

Residents immediately affected each night are advised to close the main water valve in their homes and DO NOT attempt to use any water during swabbing hours.  This is important to avoid drawing a piece of foam swab into your service and plugging it.  We ask that when you re-open the main water valve in your home following swabbing, that you turn on a cold water tap without a screen (laundry tub if possible) and let it run to flush any residue that may be left in your water service.  Residents not in the swabbing area could experience dirty water.  Should you have any questions or experience low water pressure following swabbing, please call the Public Works Dept. at 705-869-1751.


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