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The LaCloche Foothills Municipal Association is contracting for the services of a Community Safety and Well-Being Facilitator from June 21 to October 29, 2021.

The Facilitator will develop, support and facilitate the implementation of a community safety and well-being plan (in accordance with the Police Services Act and O. Reg 527-18).

This plan will represent the broad interests of the Town of Espanola, the Township of Sables –Spanish Rivers, the Township of Baldwin and the Township of Nairn and Hyman and the facilitator will work with a local advisory committee made up of representatives from these communities.

The work is to be undertaken immediately and all aspects of this project must be completed by October 29, 2021.


Specific tasks will include, but not limited to:

  • Preparation of a community safety and well-being plan to be utilized by each of the LaCloche Foothills municipalities
  • Liaise with community stakeholders including police, emergency services, education, health, and social service agencies.
  • Establish and lead a multi-sectoral advisory committee.
  • Engage the local community and conduct community consultation.
  • Analyze data and report findings.
  • Identify systemic issues, gaps and make recommendations to improve services.
  • Identify risks, set priorities and establish measurable outcomes.
  • Present the final report to each of the LaCloche Foothills municipalities
  • Provide a report in both print and online format.



Proposals (including resume(s), relevant work experience and costing) must be submitted by JUNE 16, 2021 and can be emailed to:


David King

Interim Clerk/Treasurer



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