OPP Costing Initiatives

Council for the Town of Espanola first requested an OPP Costing in January 2015.  Due to changes in the OPP Billing Model, there was a moratorium on costing which was lifted in November 2015.  As there were communities ahead of us that had also requested a costing, we were in a second group of municipalities to proceed with this initiative.

A site visit occurred in July 2016 and since this time there has been an exchange of information.  There are concerns with our existing police station which will need to be addressed.  A resolution to this issue is expected once the OPP costing has been received.

There have been delays to the timelines as originally indicated and the OPP proposal to the municipal council is expected in May/June.  Council will then have approximately 6 months to analyze the information and seek community input.

AN OPP POLICING  OPTIONS PUBLIC CONSULTATION SESSION was held April 19th, the presentation and report can be downloaded here.

Espanola Police Service Public Consultation Presentation (pdf)

Town of Espanola Police Options Presentation (pdf)

2018 Town of Espanola Police Options Report (pdf)

KPMG Police Comparison Report (pdf)

Special Meeting Presentation

The Ontario Provincial Police presented the OPP Billing Model Overview to Council on March 20th, 2018.

OPP Billing Model (PDF)

The Ontario Provincial Police presented the OPP Costing Proposal to the Town of Espanola on September 20th, 2017. 

Costing Presentation (PDF)
Costing Proposal (PDF)

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Questions will be accumulated and answered in a FAQ.  (Click on questions/headings below to open answers).

Resource material: 

Information Manual for Costing Process

OPP Billing Model

Civilian Governance - OPP vs Municipal Police Service (pdf)

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