Conflict of Interest Registry

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires all municipalities to establish and maintain a registry of all declarations made by members of Council under the Act. The registry must include the original written declaration provided by the member of Council and must be available to the public.

The following is a registry of written disclosures of interest as of March 1, 2019:

Member of Council

Meeting Date



Nature of Declaration / Declaration Form

Councillor Foster  April 2, 2019 Corporate Services Committee Item 1  He is a Member of the St. Jude Parish. (pdf)
Councillor Foster  April 23, 2019 Council Item G2 Secretary of the Espanola Lions Club (pdf)
Councillor Foster  November 5, 2019 Corporate Services Committee Item D2 He is a Member of the St. Jude Parish (pdf)
Councillor Van Alstine November 12, 2019 Special Meeting of Council Item 1 Personal interest in Item #1 proposed acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board (pdf)