Membership and Borrowing

Get a Membership Card
Membership is free to residents of Espanola and contracting areas, and people who own property in those areas.  You must show proof of name and address.  Non-resident property owners must show a tax bill.  Children must have the signed permission of a parent or guardian.

The Library charges individual non-resident fees, in lieu of property taxes which are paid by residents. Areas which do not have a contract with the library are subject to the
following fees:   $40.00 per year, $30.00 for six months, $20.00 for three months.

Owners of property in Espanola are exempt, as are students and teachers in Espanola schools during the school year.  Municipalities which contract with the Library and are therefore not subject to Non-Resident fees are: Baldwin Township (McKerrow), Nairn & Hyman Township (Nairn Centre), & Rainbow Country Local Services Board (Willisville, Whitefish Falls).

All non-residents wishing to register a child for Story Hour must have a valid Membership and also pay the Story Hour fee.

Loan Periods
DVD, VHS & magazines         1 week
All other items                      4 weeks
Items in demand may be assigned shorter loan periods.
The loan period for interloan books is set by the owning library.

Items on loan may be renewed twice, if no one else has requested the item.

We want everyone to have a chance to use the library materials, so we set limits on the
length of time you can borrow items. If you exceed the limit, you must pay a fine.
Please remember to return borrowed materials promptly to avoid fines.
If you wish to have an extension, you can renew the loan by phone, if no one else has
asked for the item.
How much are the fines?
Videos (VHS/DVD): 50¢ per day
Interlibrary loans: $1.00 per day
Tablet computers: $5.00 per day
All other items: 30¢ per day

Maximum fines: $6.00 per item, $30.00 per patron