The Myth About “flushable wipes”

When the Public Works Dept. troubleshoots problems in the sanitary sewer collection system, “flushable wipes” are often found to be the culprit.  As the wipes don’t breakdown with the water like toilet paper, they have a tendency to hang up in the pipe and create a blockage.  It is hard to blame the system users for flushing them down their toilets due to their marketing as “flushable”, however they are an epidemic and major cause of sewage back-ups in every sanitary sewer collection system.  Please dispose of personal wipes in the wastepaper basket and DO NOT flush any wipe material that is not conventional toilet paper down your toilet.  This will help prevent blockages that have the potential of backing up entire subdivisions.  Thank you for your cooperation.

OCWA partnered with the Clean Water Foundation (CWF) to launch the I Don’t Flush awareness campaign, which encourages the public to properly dispose of household items rather than flush them down their toilets.

I Don't Flush - personal care products video