Community Outreach

Assaulted Women’s Helpline
PH 1-866-863-0511

Clinic – Espanola & Area Family Health Team

McKinnon Dr.
Espanola, ON P5E 1R4
PH (705) 862-7991

Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre

825 McKinnon Dr.
Espanola, ON P5E 1R4
PH (705) 869-1420

Genevra House

370 Raphael St.
Sudbury, ON P3B 4K7
PH (705) 674-2210
Manitoulin-North Shore Victims Services
PH (705) 370-3378
PH 1-866-392-7733

North Shore Search and Rescue
PH (705) 869-9999
Crime Stoppers
PH 1-866-222-8477

Poison Control

PH 1-800-268-9017

Kids Help Phone
PH 1-800-668-6868


Community Care Services

Bayshore Home Health
Offers a wide range of home and community health services. 
Nursing, personal care, home support and companionship services are available.

PH 1-877-433-7772

Community Living Espanola
Community Living Espanola fosters meaningful living for
all persons with development disabilities.

345 Centre Street
Espanola, ON, P5E 1E4
PH (705) 869-0442
FX (705) 869-0446

Manitoulin-Sudbury District Social Services Administration Board
MS-DSB provides Ontario Works, Social Housing, Emergency Medical Services
(Land Ambulance), and Early Learning and Child Care services.

210 Mead Blvd
Espanola, ON, P5E 1R9
PH (705) 862-7850
PH 1-800-667-3145
FX (705) 862-7805
FX 1-866-397-3334

North East Community Care Access Centre
NECCAC help people remain in their own home by providing
in home care and coordinated support services.

825 McKinnon Drive
Espanola ON P5E 1R4
PH (705) 869-3790
PH 1-800-370-0952
TTY 1-866-369-3113
FX (705) 869-3793

Keep Sharp (Communicative Disorders Assistance)
North Shore Comunicative Disorders Assistance provides aid for people of any
age who are having difficulty with receptive and/or expressive communication.

190 Adelaide Street
Espanola, ON, P5E 1H2
PH (705) 869-1137
FX (705) 869-1137
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Sudbury & District Health Unit
Provides community outreach to promote health and prevent disease.

800 Centre Street, Unit 100 C
Espanola, ON, P5E 1J3
PH (705) 222-9202
FX (705) 869-5583
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Victorian Order of Nurses
Offers homecare, personal support and community services.

439 Second Avenue, Unit A
Espanola, ON, P5E 1L2
PH (705) 869-3304

Telehealth Ontario
Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential telephone service for
health advice or general health information from a Registered Nurse.

Free Access to a Registered Nurse — 24 Hours a day, 7 days a Week at 1-866-797-0000
TTY: 1-866-797-0007