Health & Social Services

Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Care Centre

The ERHHC was built with a functional plan which included not only acute care facilities but also independent seniors apartments, assisted living units, nursing home beds, and chronic care beds. The acute care facility includes all programs and services for a primary care facility including ambulance, 24 hour staff emergency, inpatient care beds, and several ambulatory care programs such as visiting specialists, laboratory, x-ray, ultra-sound, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

The hospital provides targeted outpatient services such as minor surgery, a cardiac laboratory with echocardiograms and stress testing and a sleep lab. 
The hospital campus includes a medical clinic for 6 general practice physicians.

The ERHHC prides itself on its ability to meet the current and future healthcare needs of the population it serves.

825 McKinnon Drive
Espanola, ON, P5E 1R4
PH (705) 869-1420
FX (705) 869-2608
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Hospital Aerial View

Queensway Independent Living

Main Entrance Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre


Medical Centre

The Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre presently has:

•    15 Acute care beds
•    2 Chronic care beds
•    18 Supportive housing units
•    62 Nursing home beds
•    30 Senior Apartments
•    Family Health Team/Clinic, comprised of 5 Physicians

Clinics Specialists from Sudbury visit the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre (ERHHC) in order to meet the special needs of local residents.

Specialist care include:

•    Surgeon
•    Internal medicine
•    Urologist (Urinary Tract Specialist)
•    Ophthalmology (Eyes/Vision)
•    Pediatrics (Children)
•    Cardiac (Heart)
•    Gynecologist & OBS Obstetrics (Pregnancy)
•    Podiatrist (Foot Doctor)
•    Gerontology (Care of the aged)
•    Audiologist