Hall Rentals


Espanola Elks Club/Order of the Royal Purple
539 Second Avenue
Espanola, ON  P5E 1M1
PH (705) 869-1931
FX (705) 869-2710
Masonic Lodge
64 Mead Blvd
Espanola, ON  P5E 1E8
PH (705) 869-6703
FX (705) 869-5028
Espanola Regional Recreation Complex
175 Avery Drive
Espanola, ON  P5E 1C9
PH (705) 869-1961
Espanola Knights of Columbus
399 Mead Blvd
Espanola, ON  P5E 1M1
PH (705) 869-3491
Grant's Place / Priority Safety
84 Centre Street
Espanola, ON P5E 1S4
PH (705) 869-5190
FX (705) 869-5588
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 39
370 Annette Street
Espanola, ON  P5E 1J8
PH (705) 869-1711
halls curlingClub Espanola Curling Club
58 Mead Blvd
Espanola ON
PH: 705-869-4548
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