Bylaws and Policies

Building Permit (pdf)
Business Registry (pdf)
Council Staff Relations (pdf)
Election Signs (pdf)
Facility Use (pdf)  
Hawkers and Peddlers (pdf)
Municipal Addressing (pdf) 
Naming Municipal Buildings, Facilities, Open Space, Property, Parks and Streets (pdf)
Noise (pdf)
Portable Garages (pdf)  
Procedural Bylaw (pdf)
Procurement Policy (pdf)
Property Standards (pdf) 
Provision of Notice (pdf) 
Provision for Property Tax Interest Relief (pdf)
Regulate Dogs and Cats (pdf)
Regulate Keeping of Certain Animals (pdf)
Regulate Keeping and Feeding of Animals other than Cats and Dogs (pdf)
Regulate Fees (pdf)
Regulate Parking Vehicles at Espanola Regional Recreation Complex (pdf)
Regulate Use of Firearms (pdf)
Regulate Use of Off-Road and Motorized Snow Vehicles (pdf)
Regulate Use of LAWN Water (Lawn Watering Bylaw) (pdf)
Regulate Open Burning (pdf)
Regulate the Sales of Fireworks and the Setting Off of Fireworks (pdf)
Regulate Smoking on Municipal Property (pdf)
Regulate Signs and Other Advertising Devices (pdf) 
Regulate Swimming Pools (pdf)
Schedule A of Swimming Pool Bylaw (pdf)
Retention Bylaw (pdf) 
Traffic Bylaw (pdf)
Amendment to Traffic Bylaw - Yield Right of Way (pdf)
Amendment to Traffic Bylaw - Stopping at Intersections (pdf)
Amendment to Traffic Bylaw - Parking Prohibited (pdf)
Amendment to Traffic Bylaw - Handicap Parking (pdf)
Amendment to Traffic Bylaw - Schedule A, B, C, K, M, N, O (pdf)
Water and Sewer Rates - updated January 2020 (pdf)
Video Surveillance Policy (pdf)

To access our Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws please visit the Land Use Planning Section of the municipal website.

To request a Bylaw or Policy you do not see here, please contact the Municipal Office at (705) 869-1540 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Hard copies of the Bylaws and Policies are available at Municipal Office, please consult for fees.

Logo & Publications

The Corporate Logo was created to aid in providing a visible identity or image when promoting the Town of Espanola.  The logo is used in various Town publications, and may also be used by employees in official written correspondences. 


1. Members of the public may not make public appearances or publish any documents in which they appear to be representing the Town without prior consent from the Clerk Treasurer/Administrator.

2. Members of the public may not use the Corporation’s logo in any publications, without prior consent from a Department Manager or Clerk Treasurer/Administrator.

Publications may include:

a. Printed material (ex: newspapers, flyers, pamphlets)
b. Audio-Visual documents (ex: commercials)
c. Online communications (ex: websites, social media sites, emails)