Land Use Planning


The Clerk's Office provide direction and recommendations to Council and the Committee of Adjustment in all matters related to land use planning within the Town of Espanola, in compliance with Provincial and Municipal legislation. The department carries out the following duties:

• Administration of Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw

• Review, process and provide recommendations on land use, subdivision development and zoning applications.

• Ensure public awareness of application proposals, as required by Provincial regulations.

• Provide advise and information to Council, as well as other departments, community and business groups and citizens of the municipality respecting planning matters.

Applicable Bylaws and Applications are available for download below.  Contact the Clerk's Office for further information on the required processes and assistance with completing the applications.  Complete hard copies of the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw are available for a fee.  

Town of Espanola Zoning Bylaw (pdf)
Urban Map (pdf)
Rural Map (pdf)

Citizen Guide to Planning in Northern Ontario (pdf)

Guide to the Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Process (pdf)
Guide to the Official Plan Amendment Process (pdf)

Town of Espanola Official Plan (pdf)
OP Schedule A1 (pdf)
OP Schedule A2 (pdf)
OP Schedule B1 (pdf)
OP Schedule B2 (pdf)

Official Plan and Zoning Amendments

2341 449 Mead (pdf)
2383 2244A Lee Valley (pdf)
2391 407 Centre St. (pdf)
2398 Portable Garages (pdf)
2400 439-443 Second Ave. (pdf) 
2404 60 McCulloch (pdf)
2455 FCR (pdf)
2542 Albert St (pdf)
2543 Remove Holding Zone (pdf)
2564 Queensway Ave / 693 Mead Blvd (pdf)
2610 Hopkins Hill Road (pdf)
2645 Adelaide St (pdf)
2650 Yocom Dr (pdf)
2665 417 Centre Street (pdf)
2678 417 Centre Street (pdf)
2707 Second Ave Lot 80, 81, 91, 92 (pdf)
2731 429 Mead Blvd (pdf)
2735 49 Giroux Dr (pdf)
2797 2233 Lee Valley Rd (pdf)
2798 516 Centre St (pdf)
2804 585 Old Webbwood Rd (pdf)
2831 Queensway Development (pdf)
2857 1124 Kei Will Dr (pdf)
2872 153 Barber St (pdf)
2896 365 Centre St (pdf)
2912 801 Centre St (pdf)
Planning Applications:

Minor Variance (pdf)
Consent Application (pdf)
Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (pdf)
Official Plan Amendment Application (pdf)

Town of Espanola Planning Services Policy (pdf)
Cost Acknowledgement Agreement for Owner (pdf)
Cost Acknowledgement Agreement for Developer (pdf)

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