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Council Rundown

June 11th , 2024

The Regular Meeting of Council on June 11th featured two items arising from the Corporate Services Committee, two items in the regular agenda and a presentation from the CAO/Clerk in the Correspondence for Information Section to provide a fulsome update on the Town’s work toward accomplishing the goals of its Strategic Plan over the past year since its adoption. A Special Meeting following the Regular was had to discuss matters about an identifiable individual.

Recommendation regarding Fields and Pavilion Donation for Annual Mixed Slo-Pitch Tournament

Council approved the donation of the baseball fields and pavilion for the Annual Mixed Slo-Pitch Tournament. Amongst other reasons to support this event outlined in the staff report, the donation is aligned with Goal 4(3) of the Town’s Strategic Plan to prioritize findings ways to support volunteer groups and local organizations in developing local recreational activities, the tournament raises substantial funds for not-for-profit and local service groups and is entirely run on a volunteer basis.

Recommendation regarding Pumper/Tanker Replacement Bid

Council approved the contract to build the approved new pumper/tanker fire truck to Fort Garry Ind. The arrival of the new truck is expected in late 2025 and will replace the 31 year old Pumper/Tanker 9120. The total cost of the contract including the chassis is $596,566 and was previously approved by Council earlier in 2024.

Recommendation regarding PRIDE Month

As is the norm on an annual basis, Council passed a declaration declaring June as Pride Month in Espanola, to help raise awareness for equality for individuals locally and globally. June is recognized all over the world as Pride month.

Strategic Plan Update

The CAO/Clerk provided a fulsome presentation to celebrate the Corporation’s progress in beginning to accomplish many of the objectives of the Town’s Strategic Plan since its adoption approximately 1 year ago. A public meeting will be hosted in October to provide the public with an opportunity to provide comments or ask questions to Council pertaining to the Strategic Plan. The fulsome report can be found at:

The Council Rundown provides a summary of each Council Meeting. The official record of each meeting is the Meeting Minutes and can be found in the Council Meetings section of the website. Video recordings of meetings are similarly available in the same section. Any questions regarding Council Meetings can be directed to Joseph Burke, CAO/Clerk at [email protected] or by calling 705-869-1540.


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